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Why We Need To Break The Color Barrier

The issue of race in America has never received as much attention in recent months as it has with the assassination of the Charleston, South Carolina church members. It seems whatever people try to do, there is yet another racial issue that gets dropped in our laps. But what needs to be done is to break the color barrier for our culture to prosper as a whole.

Creating a Vibrant Workplace

Many people may suggest that things are fine, but there is much progress that needs to be made. The first area that needs to be addressed is creating a workplace environment that is all-inclusive of male and female employees, and that starts with the hiring process. America as a country has its roots in being an economic powerhouse, and to include people of all races in those roots gives everyone equal power to succeed.

Having a decent paying job opens up a number of doors. It creates opportunities to establish a good credit history, enabling longer term advantages such as buying a home or moving to a better economic climate. For most people, having a good job develops a healthy sense of self-respect, which is good for the culture overall.

Working Towards A Common Goal

One factor often overlooked in breaking the color barrier is a reality that America has moved away from is being able to accept each other’s differences and work toward the common goal of making America a better country for all. This begins in the workplace, and companies such as Milano's a car buying service in San Diego, California have demonstrated what taking the initiative can do, as they have won an award for being one of the top ten most ethnically diverse companies in San Diego by hiring an ethically diverse set of car buyers. Likewise, Altria of Richmond, Virginia has been voted in to Forbes Top 100 Best Companies in America for 2015. They have an Executive Diversity Council that focuses on developing talent and leadership exclusive of racial considerations.

Breaking Down Barriers To Benefit Everyone

Economic prosperity affects the daily lives of everyone. People who are employed and finding opportunities to live a better life focus their energies on progress. The differences between people, whether they are race, ethnicity, or having a different cultural perspective, disappear when people are looking to their neighbor as to how they can make their community a safer and better place to live. Regardless of skin color, people who are successful look to what they have in common with another person rather than magnify the differences. The differences may always be there, but when the focus shifts to the future of the country and future generations, everyone benefits.